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Protect your work bag with a customised bag tag

We’ve got the tag for you!

We believe your work bag should do more than just carry your essentials—it should carry your personality, too! Gone are the days of mixing up your plain, forgettable laptop bag with Dave’s from accounting. It’s time to introduce a little workplace levity with our custom bag tags that say, “Yes, I’m professional, but I also have a killer sense of humor.”

From witty quotes that make the coffee machine queue more fun, to custom designs that showcase your love for coffee or your unbeatable spreadsheet skills, our tags are here to add a dash of joy to your 9-to-5. Crafted with durability in mind, they stand up to daily commutes, business trips, and yes, even those accidental coffee spills.

So, are you ready to elevate your work bag from a mere accessory to a conversation starter? Create a tag that’s as unique as your career path. Remember, in a world of briefcases and portfolios, be the bag tag that makes someone smile!

Our Best Work Bag Tag Designs

We’ve got 1000s of awesome designs to pick from so you’re sure to find something that you like. Below we’ve picked out some of our favourites that you can’t go wrong with!

Letter Bag Tags

You can get your kids’ initials in balloon letters, neon lights, spots, lines or cubes and in different colours. No matter what the chosen design, you can’t go wrong.

We have no doubt there is the perfect tag for your bag so start browsing our wonderful collection of letter tags now!

Our tags are AWESOME!

There’s no better way to describe our bag tags than AWESOME! That’s what all our customers keep saying. We’ve sourced durable components, undertaken rigorous testing and we’re confident that our tags will withstand whatever life throws at them. All our tags include:

  • Long lasting, durable plastic tag
  • Customised with your details
  • Dimensions: 8.5cm x 5.4cm
  • Full colour quality printing
  • Each tag comes with 1 x plastic luggage loop to tie securely onto your bag
  • Shipped with 3-5 business day

Time is running out before the school year starts.

Start browsing our fantastic and large collection of bag tags now!